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Rockwell 920, 930, or 940 Desktop Calculator

Rockwell 920, Also Marketed as the Sumlock Anita 1200D, either calculator *WANTED*
Image Courtesy Don DiGalbo

Rockwell 930

Rockwell 940 (Financial)
Image Courtesy Gerard Timmerman

Mid-1970's vintage programmable electronic calculators from Rockwell, using Rockwell's PPS-4 microprocessor and support chips. Models include 920, 930, 940, and 960. Burroughs Panaplex-II planar display and Epson reel-type printer. Magnetic card reader for program/data storage. 14-digit capacity with some models supporting scientific notation. Machines all share a common architecture, with variances in microcode and memory capacity comprising the differences between the models. Sold in the UK under the Sumlock Anita brand. Rockwell 920 was marketed by Sumlock Anita as the Anita 1200D. Sumlock-branded machines also wanted.