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Sanyo ICC-162

The Sanyo ICC-162
Photo Courtesy Rainer Fredrich

The Sanyo ICC-162 was an early calculator manufactured by Sanyo in Japan. The machine was the top-end machine in a series of calculators that inlcuded the entry-level 121 (12-digit, 1 memory) and the 141 (14-digit, 1 memory). All of this generation of calcualtors appear to have been introduced in the late '68 to early '69 timeframe, and were marketed into the early 1970's. These calculators shared a common general design, with unique incandescent seven-segment display modules. The calcualtors all utilize early MOS small-scale integrated circuits manufactured by Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. (NEC). The ICC-162 has a capacity of sixteen digits with fixed decimal selections (via a slide switch situated under the display) between fifteen and zero digits behind the decimal point. The machine provides the four standard math functions, along with one-key square root and percent function. Two accumulating memory registers are provided, with ability to calculate automatic sum-of-products. Sanyo produced versions of these machines as an OEM supplier to Dictaphone Corp. for sale and distribution in North America under the Dictaphone brand. Dictaphone marketed an identical (other than cabinet and keyboard color scheme) machine to this in the North American market, badged as the Dictaphone 1620. Sanyo later established its own distribution network in North America and also began selling their calculators under the Sanyo brand, directly competing with their OEM customer, Dictaphone.