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Sharp CS-10A "COMPET" Desktop Calculator

Image Courtesy Nigel Tout
Photo Taken at London Science Museum

Sharp's (then known as Hayakawa Electric) first all-electronic calculator. Sharp's earlier calculators were desk-sized machines that utlized relays to perform calculations. The COMPET (which became the trade name for Sharp's future calculators) utilizes all Germanium transistor logic. Sharp's next calculator, the Compet 20 abandoned Germanium transistors in favor of more reliable Silicon-based transistors. The COMPET had an amazing twenty digit capacity, with ten digit entry via "full keyboard" like used in earlier electromechanical calculators. Rotary switch constant panel at front of machine, used for "dialing in" a constant value which can be recalled through a keyboard key. Nixie tube display, with discrete neon bulbs for decimal point indication. Modular design, with plug-in circuit cards for each digit, with additional plug-in cards for sequencing and control logic.
Sharp Compet CS-10A Specifications

Manufacturer: Sharp (Hayakawa Electric)
Model Number: Compet CS-10A
Manufactured In: Japan
Date of Introduction: June, 1964
Display Technology: Nixie Tube, 20 Digits
Discrete Neon-Tube decimal point indicators
Logic Technology: Discrete Germanium Transistor
Digits of Capacity: 20
Decimal Modes: Automatic Floating Decimal
Math Functions: Four Function
Memories: None
Constant: Rotary switch bank, 10 digits, keyboard recall
Performance: Addition: 12ms
Subtraction: 16ms
Multiplication: 0.4s
Division: 0.8s