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Wang 370 Programming Keyboard

Wang 370 Programming Keyboard Photos

The 370 Programming Keyboard connects up to any Wang 300-series electronics package, just like a standard 300-series keyboard/display unit. The main difference between the 370 and the other 300-series keyboard/display units is that the 370 provides higher-levels of programmability via the Model 371 punched card reader that plugs into the 370 unit. The 370 does not have its own internal program storage, the punched card provides the program storage, with each program step read from the card as it is needed. The 370 provided additional programming capabilities such as test and branch instructions over the very basic programming ability provided by the Wang CP-1 Card Programmer combined with a 300/310/320/360/362 keyboard. The 370 also provided an I/O bus connector, which allowed connection of a 370-equipped calculator system to a wide range of peripherals including teletypes, external core memory storage (Model 372 and Model 373), and data acquisition equipment.