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Wang C-Series Desktop Calculators

The Wang C-series calculators were downscaled versions of Wang's 400-series calculators. These machines forsaked the built-in stored program programmability of the 400-series calculators, in order to reduce cost. The C-Series machines could be programmed by an externally connected punched card reader, similar to programming the 300-Series calculators. The machines in the series all shared a common motherboard containing the basic timing and control logic and operating microcode, with two daughterboards that plug into the main board. One motherboard slot contains the main arithmetic logic, with bus routing and ALU in the C-Series machines, and additional logic for the stored program functions in the 400-Series. The other main board slot contains a memory board that is the home of IC-based ROM containing code for the specialized functions of the machine, along with slots for up to 8 RAM chips (Intel or equiv. 1101A devices, 256x1 bit) that make up the working and memory registers of the machine. The C-Series machines came 'pre-programmed' with various functions related to the specialty of the machine (e.g., Scientific, Statistical, etc.) which are accessible via sixteen function keys. Like the 400-series machines, the C-Series calculators utilize Burroughs Panaplex display technology.

Known Models:
Wang C-50 Scientist (Basic Scientific, No Trig)
Wang C-52 Advanced Scientist (Scientific w/ Standard and Hyperbolic Trig)
Wang C-62 Stastician (Statistics functions)
Wang C-72 Algebraic (Algebraic Scientific)
Wang C-85 General Purpose (Four function w/ 1/x & 16 memory registers
Wang C-86 Trader (Government Bond Trading)
Wang C-87 Surveyor (Surveying)

Wang C-62 Advanced Statistician

Wang C-87 Surveyor's Calculator
Image Courtesy Ron Ruszala