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Advertising Archive - Toshiba BC-1623G

Toshiba BC-1623G Advertisement, 1970

The Toshiba BC-1623G is an upgraded version of the Toshiba BC-1623 that added programmability to the calculator. Both calculators have the same functionality, with the BC-1623G adding the ability to store up to 30 key press operations into its program memory and play them back at full speed, allowing programs to be created to automatically carry out more complex math operations than the basic functions of the calculator allow. The BC-1623G was introduced in the late part of 1969, and sold for $1,495 at introduction, about $400 more than its non-programmable stable-mate.

The BC-1623G has a capacity of 16 digits, displayed by classic Nixie tubes, provides the standard four functions along with a percentage function and automatic square root. The machine also provides two accumulator-style memory registers and two-digit electromechanical item counter. The program memory is be divided into two 15-step programs, which can be selected by pushbuttons on the control panel, allowing two smaller programs or one larger program.

The calculator uses mostly Toshiba-made small and medium-scale MOS integrated circuits, together with a vast number of discrete transistors, diodes, resistors and capacitors.