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News Archive - General Micro-electronics(GM-e) Sold to Philco Corp.

Computers and Automation, March, 1966

General Micro-electronics(GM-e), founded in 1963 to manufacture MOS Integrated Circuits is sold to Philco Corporation. Due to problems with a large project to manufacture ahead of the state-of-the-art MOS Large-Scale Integrated Cicuits for use in an electronic calculator for Victor Comptometer (the Victor 3900), GM-e had accumulated a large debt, and there were indications that Victor Comptometer was growing wary of the problems GM-e was having with manufacturing the chips. Philco Corp. was interested in the prospects of GM-e's smaller-scale MOS devices, as well as the technologies relating to the development of the large-scale IC's, and a deal was struck between Pyle-National, the parent company of GM-e, and Philco, Corp. This deal is announced in the article above.