Specifications for Brother Calther 412

Manufacturer: Brother Industries, Ltd.
Model Number: JC 2-412 (Calther 412)
Serial Number: B 900390
Date of Manufacture: 1969
Manufactured In: Japan
Original Price: $795
Weight: 10 1/2 Pounds
Size: 10 7/16" Wide, 14 3/4" Deep, 5 1/5" High
Power Requirement: 23 Watts, 115VAC
Display Technology: Nixie Tube, Discrete Neon Bulbs for Multiplication Indicator
No leading zero suppression
Logic Technology: Early Mitsubishi M53xx-series Small Scale IC's, DTL/TTL
3 Plug-in Circuit Boards, 118 IC's, 51 Transistors, 198 Diodes
40KHz Master Clock
Digits of Capacity: 12
Decimal Modes: Automatic floating decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Unusual display of both multiplier and multiplicand for multiplication
Math Functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide
Constant: Multiplication only using "R" key
Memories: None
Features: Accumulate mode for sum-of-products calculations
Backspace key for digit at a time correction
Notes: Does not support negative numbers (10's compliment)
Pressing "-" key with no prior operation performs 10's compliment of number in display
Performance: Addition/Subtraction: 10ms
Multiplication: 85ms
Division: 177ms
Marketed as the ProCal 412 by Robert Kling Wetzlar, GmbH, in East Germany, under the "Kling" brand name

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