Specifications for Singer/Friden 1152

Manufacturer: The Singer Company, Friden Division
Model Number: 1152
Serial Number: Two Units in Museum
#1: 18884 (Exhibited)
#2: 15570 (Non-Operational)
Date of Manufacture: #1: Early 1970
#2: Late 1969
Manufactured In: USA, San Leandro, California
Original Price: $1,495
Weight: 42 Pounds
Size: 15" Wide, 21" Deep, 8" High
Power Requirement: 230 Watts, 115V AC, 50/60Hz
Display Technology: Serial Impact Printer, 37 CPS
Digits in front of decimal grouped in threes
Logic Technology: Small Scale Integration
SSI IC's, DTL and early 74xx TTL
Six Plug-In Circuit Boards
Magnetostrictive Delay Line Register Storage
Approx. 2500 bits capacity in Delay Line
Digits of Capacity: 14
Decimal Modes: Fixed, Thumbwheel Selectable, 0-11 digits behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), 4-Level Stack
Math Functions: Four Function plus Square Root
Constant: N/A, Pure Stack Architecture
Memories: 1, Store/Recall Only
Other Models: 1150 (Four Function, No Programmability)
1151 (Same as 1150 w/30-step Programmability)
1154 (No Programmability, no Square Root, Summation functions)
1155 (20 Memory Registers, Programmable)
1155A (100 Memory Registers, Programmable)

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