Specifications for Singer/Friden 1162

Manufacturer: The Singer Company, Friden Division
Model Number: 1162
Introduction: May, 1969
Serial Number: Three Units in Museum
#1: 01527
#2: 02265 (Exhibited Calculator)
#3: 06865
Date of Manufacture: #1: ~July, 1969
#2: ~September, 1969
#3: Early 1970
Manufactured In: USA, San Leandro, California
Original Price: $1,195 (At Introduction)
Weight: 24 Pounds
Size: 12 3/4" Wide, 12 1/2" Deep, 6 3/4" High
Power Requirement: 60 Watts, 120V AC, 50/60Hz
Display Technology: CRT Display (Type 3WP1), Modified 7-Segment Rendition
Two Bottom Levels of four-level RPN Stack Displayed
Triplet Digit Grouping
Logic Technology: Small Scale Integration Bipolar ICs
96 IC's, Mostly DTL, some 7400-series TTL, and custom TTL devices
Three custom counter ICs made by Texas Instruments, SN1286, SN1287, SN1288
Six Plug-In Circuit Boards
Magnetostrictive Delay Line Register Storage (4 millisecond delay)
Digits of Capacity: 14
Decimal Modes: Fixed, Thumbwheel Selectable, 0-11 digits behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), 4-Level Stack
Math Functions: Four Function plus Square Root
Constant: No
Memories: 1, Store/Recall Only
Other Models: Friden 1160 (Four-Function plus Accumulative Multiplication, store/Recall Memory, 14-Digit Capacity)
Friden 1166 (1160 Features, Leading Zero Suppression, Floating Decimal Input, 13-Digit Capacity)

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Documentation: Friden 1162 Logic Schematic; March, 1, 1969 [PDF, 1 Page, 2.4MB]

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