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Specifications for Friden EC-130

Manufacturer: The Friden Calculating Machine Co.
Model Number: EC-130
Serial Number: 12692
Date of Introduction: May 20, 1964 (Sales Force Introduction)
August, 1964 (Release for Sale)
Date of Manufacture: 1966
Manufactured In: USA, San Leandro, California
Original Price: $2,150 at Introduction, $1,395 by 1968
Number Produced: 18,168 as of August, 1970
Weight: 44 Pounds
Size: 18" Wide, 21 1/2" Deep, 18" High
Power Requirement: 70 Watts, 120V AC, 60Hz
Display Technology: CRT Display (Type 5DEP1), Modified seven-segment rendition
Four Levels of Reverse-Polish Notation(RPN) Stack Displayed
Logic Technology: All Transistor, Magnetostrictive Delay Line Register Storage
Bit-Serial Architecture
Digits of Capacity: 13
Decimal Modes: Fixed, Thumbwheel Selectable; 0, 2, 5, 7 or 13 digits behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), 4-Level Stack
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: No
Memories: 1, Store/Recall Only
Notes: Among the earliest transistorized electronic calculator
First calculator to utilize user-visible stack architecture
A clone of the EC-130, called the CE-30, was manufactured under license from Friden by ICE FELIX in Romania
Two different production versions made
First Version: Four-Counter, Serial #8500 and earlier
Second Version: Three-Counter, Serial #8501 and later

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Reading: The Friden 130: The World's Second Electronic Calculator [Nicholas Bodley]
My Life & Times at Friden [Dick Ahrens]

Documentation: Friden EC-130 Instruction Manual [PDF, 52 Pages, 7.3MB]
Friden EC-130 Field Service Manual; August, 1964 [PDF, 51 Pages, 18MB]
Friden EC-130 Logic Schematic; Fall, 1964 [PDF, 1 Page, 4.9MB]
Friden EC-130 Service Manual; September, 1965 [PDF, 161 Pages, 430MB]
Friden EC-130 "3-Counter" Service Manual Supplement; December, 1965 [PDF, 26 Pages, 80MB]

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