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Tektronix Model 21 Desktop Calculator

The Tektronix Model 21 was basically a MOS/LSI technology reimplementation of the Cintra/Tektronix 909. Tektronix acquired Cintra in May of 1971, and began selling the 909 under the Tektronix brand. At around the same time, Tektronix began a program to develop its own calculators. In July of 1973, Tek introduced both the Model 21 and Model 31 calculators. The Tek 21 was a basic scientific calculator with simple learn-mode programmability and the ability to store and load programs on magnetic strips. Tektronix did not find much success in the rapidly changing calculator marketplace, and exited the market late in 1974. The Model 21 was not a strong seller, leaving Tek with a large surplus of unsold machines which were unceremoniously destroyed as a write-off. The Old Calculator Museum is looking for any examples of the Tek 21, working or not, as well as any documentation or sales literature.