Specifications for Wang 362E

Manufacturer:		Wang Laboratories
Model Number:		362E
Serial Number:		661218
Date of Manufacture:	May, 1970
Manufactured In:	USA, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Original Price:		$2,295 (362E Electronics Package)
			$500  (360/3262K Keyboard)
			Total Cost as Shown:  $2,795
Weight:			20 Pounds (Electronics Package)
			6 Pounds (Model 360/326K Keyboard)
Size:			16 3/4" Wide, 5 1/4" Deep, 12" High (Electronics Package)
			10 1/4" Wide, 8" Deep, 4 1/2" High (Model 360/362K Keyboard)
Power Requirement:	50 Watts, 115VAC, 50 - 400Hz
Display Technology:	Nixie Tube, Discrete Neon Tube Decimal Point Indicators
			Digit Tubes:  Wang 340-0004 or National Electronics NL-840
			Sign Tube:    Wang 340-0005 or National Electronics NL-843
Logic Technology:	All Transistor, 26 Plug-In Circuit Cards
			Non-Volatile Magnetic Core Memory
			512 bits arranged as four planes of 8x16 (8 Registers of 64-bits each)
Digits of Capacity:	10 plus sign, No zero-suppression
			 (14 digits maintained internally for better accuracy)
Decimal Modes:		Full Floating
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic, Two Accumulators
			Unusual "Enter" for 1st Operand of Multiply/Divide
			Uses logarithms internally for multiplication and division
			Automatic Accumulation of Multiplicand, Multiplier or Product
Math Functions:		Square Root, Square, e^X, Log (360/362K)
			Square Root, Square, e^X, Log, Sin, Cos, ArcSin, ArcTan (360/362KT or 360/362KR)
Constant:		Yes, Continuous
Memories:		360K, 360KT/KR have access to 12 Store/Recall Registers
			Magnetic Core-based Non Volatile Memory
Programmable:		Yes, with Model 370($1200) or Model 380($1500) Keyboard/Programmer Unit
Peripherals:		Card Programmer (Model CP-1, $800)
			Card Programmer (Model CP-2)
			Column Printer (Model 301)
			Item Counter (Model IC-1, $120)
			Data Storage Unit, 16 Registers (Model 372, $1000)
			Data Storage Unit, 64 Registers (Model 373, $2500)
                        Input/Output Writer, ASR-33 Teletype (Model 376, $1400)
                        ASR-33 TTY Input/Output Writer Control (Model 377, $1400)
			Output Writer, IBM Selectric (Model 379-7, $1000)
			IBM Selectric Output Writer Control (Model 379-5, $800)
                        Universal Interface, Analog/Digital I/O (Model 379-8, $2500)
                        CRT Display Control (Model 379-9, $1250)
                        CRT Display, Storage Tube (Model 379-10, $1500)
                        Trig Pack (Model 379-12, $1200)
                        Card Reader Interface (Model 379-13, $800)

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Patents: US Patent Number 3,509,329 [300-Series Calculator]
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